R.I.P. Johnny Alf

Johnny Alf, a pianist, singer and songwriter, and one of the creators of the sensationally popular bossa nova sound, died on March 4 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was 80. Mr Alf had been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer for several months at the time of his death, which was said to be caused by multiple organ failure. Born Alfredo Jose da Silva on May 19, 1929, in Rio de Janeiro, Mr. Alf was a jazz lover who adapted several elements of the music to Brazilian samba sounds. His most popular songs included ‘Rapaz de bem’ and ‘O Tempo e o vento,’ both from the mid-1950s and considered by some musicologists to be the first in the bossa nova style. Mr. Alf recorded nine solo albums and appeared on 46 recordings in total. It has been reported that Mr. Alf never cared for the term bossa nova, despite his crucial role in the creation of the genre. Among Mr. Alf’s disciples was Antonio Carlos Jobim, often considered the greatest bossa nova composer of all time.

May he always hear Brazilian Sounds.

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