Where It Is At

The final parts of the proGram certainly make up the entire.

African Lady- Abbey Lincoln
Black Man- Butcher Brown Ft. Michael Millions
My Body- Femme Deadly Venoms

Ritual Rubbin’- Harriet Tubman
***pre-recorded conversation with JT Lewis/Melvin Gibbs***
Prototaxite- Harriet Tubman
Blacktal Fractal- Harriet Tubman Ft. Wadada Leo Smith

Rebirth- Shabaka
Call It A European Paradox- Shabaka
We Change Part 1- Brandon Coleman Ft. Kamasi Washington
Love Brings Happiness- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Lonnie Smith & Loren Oden

Aladdin’s Carpet- Beaver Harris 360 Degree Music Experience
Hide And Go Seek- Paul Motian Quintet

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