Whatcha Got In There?

The first portion of the proGram has a screw loose….. errrr…… tight:

King Of Keelboat Men- Eric Brace, Peter Cooper & Thomm Jutz
Old Tom T. And Brother Will- Eric Brace, Peter Cooper & Thomm Jutz

An Army of One (solo Acoustic)- pat mAcdonald
It’s A Man Down There- Benny Turner & Cash McCall
The Dirty Dozen- Benny Turner & Cash McCall
I’ll Go To My Cottage- Tomislav Goluban
You Ain’t Acting Right- The Trevor B. Power Band
Whistlin’ by the Graveyard- Vin Mott

Happy Together- Weezer
Heartbreakers- Rod Melancon
Manic Depression- Rod Melancon

Swamp Romp- Johnette Downing & Scott Billington Ft. CR Gruver/James Singleton/Doug Belote
The City- Holiday Gunfire
I Made A Deal With Myself- Alexis Evans
Invisible- Flevans Ft. Laura Vane
That’s Nice- Lance Ferguson
Issac Washington- Cotonete

Inner Being- Joey DeFrancesco
Jazz Cigarette- Jimmy Layton and His All American “Not Your Daddy’s” Jazz Band
Love Hurts- Julian Lage

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