What We Need To Nose

The middle portion of the proGram has a lot of information that comes out once you start to move it and groove it.

Quarantine Blues- Mike Zito
Whom My Soul Loves- The Proven Ones Ft. Ruthie Foster
New Orleans Is Sinking- Crystal Shawanda

Going To Kansas City- Eddie Tigner
Every Day of Your Life- Jimmy Johnson Ft. Typhanie Monique
Superhero’s Delight- Cecil Moses & the SGs
Tiger King- Greyhounds
Entertainment- Lexsoul Dancemachine
Chelada- Polyrhythmics

Rile ‘Em Up- The Allergies
Felony- The Allergies
Jane Fonda- The Sweatband
Purify- Izo Fitzroy
Runnin’ Wild- Olivier St. Louis

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