Waves Go There

The middle part of the proGram followed which way the waves did go.

Revelations- Angels Of Libra
Gabriel- Angels Of Libra Ft. Milo Milone
Raphael- Angels Of Libra
Running Away- Thee Sacred Souls

Time Wasting- Baby Charles
Jackson Fingers- Baby Charles
Art Form- The Drawbars
Starved- The Drawbars
Jim Nasty- The Soul Motivators
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright- The Soul Motivators Ft. Shahi Teruko
One for the Heads- The Soul Motivators Ft. Shahi Teruko

The Cashmere Chamber- Whatitdo Archive Group
The Web- The Ironsides

One O’Clock Jump- Danny Jonokuchi & The Revisionists & Count Basie

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