The second portion of the proGram had a Southern Wave feel at times, ride this wave to your soul spots:

Machines- The Drunken Hearts
Take My Hand- Shaw Davis & the Black Ties
Willie The Pimp- Shaw Davis & the Black Ties
Crawfish- Seth Hunter Davis Ft. George Porter Jr., Johnny Neel & Chef Dave
Takes A Lot- Katie Henry

My Only True Friend- Gregg Allman
Blind Bats And Swamp Rats- Gregg Allman
Love Like Kerosene- Gregg Allman
greenarrowradio promo- Scott Sharrard
High Cost Of Loving You- Scott Sharrard
**Pre-recorded conversation with Scott Sharrard**
She Can’t Wait- Scott Sharrard
Everything a Good Man Needs- Scott Sharrard Ft. Taj Mahal & Bernard Purdie

Sidewalk Soul- Tommy Guerrero
Where Water Once Was- Tommy Guerrero
Suck Out the Poison- The Mackrosoft
Sir Pintor Encounters Water Mackasin- The Mackrosoft

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