In the beGinnings of this proGram was taking the twist and turns of the path that just had the road closed siGns removed. Blazing a new.

Wade in the Water/Bemsha Swing- Grace Kelly
Birdhouse 3- Matana Roberts
1957 Award Montage String Quartet No.3- Kronos Quartet
1962 Body Building String Quartet No. 3- Kronos Quartet
Cub Explores- Stewart Copeland w/S.Clarke/J.Miller/M.Thompson & the L.A. Symphony
Changing Skies- Stewart Copeland w/S.Clarke/J.Miller/M.Thompson & the L.A. Symphony
The Loss- Daniel Bernard Roumain
Sir Cirrus- Gannelpumpers
Swordfishtrombone- Wave Mechanics Union
That Ragtime Feeling- Bela Fleck & the Marcus Roberts Trio ft. R. Jordan/J. Marsalis

Evidence- the Microscopic Septet
Mystery Blues- the Paul Winter Sextet
All Members- the Paul Winter Sextet
It is What it is- Pharez Whitted
Dewey Miles- Pear Ft. Jennifer Leitham
Trampoline Phoenix- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Stanley Stamp’s Gibbon Album- Soft Machine (live)
You Know, You Know- the Mahavishnu Orchestra w/John McLaughlin
Sad Sake- So Sa La
Salvia- Club d’Elf

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