Under Scope

The second half of the other days proGram was the dissection of the sound…..and look at it under the microscope and decide what’s what..Here’s the what:

Homeless- Manu DiBango Ft. Ray Lema
Gnawoe- Orchestra Baobab
Chitima Nditakure- the Green Arrows
Chipo Chiroorwa- the Green Arrows
Perception- Catalyst
Tu Fin, Mi Comienzo- Ocote Soul Sounds W/Adrian Quesada
Ochimini- the Spam All Stars
Funky Tamazula- Nortec Collective
Jogaram O Caxanga- De Savoya Combo
Mi Barrio- La Casa
Chocolate- Pacifika (Adrian Quesada Remix)
We Rollin’- the Electric
A.B.C.- the Jackson 5 (Beatnick & K Salaam Remix)
Shove it- Lance Herbstrong Remix
Mmmm Yummy Yummy Yummy- Bunny Holiday
Makes me Wanna Scream- Basement Freaks
All Alone- Alice Russell (Captain Planet Remix)
Asheville- Dub is a Weapon
Watching the Wheels- Matisyahu
Killer Dope (SNL Excerpt)- Chevy Chase
Legalize it- Peter Tosh
Phantom of Ukraine- the Orb
Mother Nature- the Orb
Maenad- Kevin England
Beginning of the Middle- Tom Middleton
Madh Assalhin- DJ Cheb i Sabbah (the Zen Breaks Remix)
Overture- Club d’Elf
Scorpionic- Club d’Elf
Satan’s Church of Hypnotized Logic- MMW (Bill Laswell Remix)
Djebala Hills- Falu/John Zorn/Flea/Billy Martin


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