Twisting Turned

The final part of the proGram knew how to weave into what you needed.

Cold Baby- The Voice of Lajorun, Samson Olawale & Session Resurrection
Listwar Zanset- Small Island Big Song Ft. Emlyn & Putad
Bring the Sun- The Black Seeds

Entangled- Mamak Khadem
Dorum Doyun- Aleksey Khovalyg
Sergei- The Reluctant Cosmonaut

Papa Wemba- Pierre Kwenders
Joy- Samm Henshaw
Tie Break- Sly5thAve & Roberto Verastegui
Las Tardes- Tambino
Gourmet Trap- Da Fly Hooligan

Neptune Beach- Pete Calandra and Straight Up
Monaco- Makaya McCraven
Coppin’ The Haven- Makaya McCraven

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