Tower Power

The beGiining part of the show went to the top light and looked around.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside- Taj Mahal & Maria Muldaur
Hittin’ The Road Again- TOMISLAV GOLUBAN Ft. Kelly Zirbes
Speedin’ Train- TOMISLAV GOLUBAN Ft. Teresa James

Tramp- Alex Chilton
Ignorance- The Gatekeepers Ft. Cheer Accident
The Patrons- The Gatekeepers Ft. The Residents

Soul Thing- The Everettes
Friday Night Groove- Funkboy
St. Paul Second Line- The Mighty Mocambos

Galactic Fanfare- STR4TA
Night Flight- STR4TA
Winston Theme- The Winston Brothers
Boiling Pot- The Winston Brothers
Metering- The Winston Brothers
The Inquisitor- Adrian Quesada Ft. Neal Francis

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