The Skin You Are In

The second and final extra portion of the proGramming took on some new looks and feels:

Soleil Kréyol- David Walters Ft. Vincent Segal
Beast Too Spoke Of Suffering- Shabaka And The Ancestors
The Coming Of The Strange Ones- Shabaka And The Ancestors

Returning From Pluto- Lisa Marie Simmons
Cozmic Confusion- Lisa Marie Simmons
Walk with Me- Lakecia Benjamin Ft. Regina Carter

Inside Rhythm Falls Pt. 1- Aruan Ortiz Ft. Andrew Cyrille & Mauricio Herrera
Push Pull- Ted Poor Ft. Andrew D’Angelo
Only You- Ted Poor Ft. Andrew D’Angelo

The Dream- Oded Tzur
King Kutner- Avishai Cohen
The Cow & The Calf- Avishai Cohen

Where We Come From- Thollem
Repeating History- Thollem

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