The Power Is Up

The first piece of this week’s proGram had the switches turned on and up:

Fallen- Cinder Wall
Hey Angelina- Kenny Roby
Don’t You Think I Know Know My Woman- James Swanberg
Nosotros Y Los Demas- Andrex Montenegro

Strange World- PAINT
Flying Fox- PAINT
Sky Children- I Am Voyager 1
Loneliest Person- The Pretty Things (live at the Half Moon, 2010)

Loose Connections- Grüt
Stairwells- Grüt
I Can Hear The Grass Grow- The Telephones
I Will Spite Survive- Deerhoof (live)
Bad Kids To The Front- Deerhoof (live)

The Old Testament Of Love- Steve Hooker
Curb- The 81’s
I’ll Make Love To You Anytime- Paul Benjamin
I Ain’t Got You- GA-20

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