The Frizzall

The first part of this week’s proGram kept its ends in line.

Wisecrack- Michael Jerome Browne
Argentina- The Bayonets
Post Apocalypso- The Bayonets & Brian Ray

Supernovae- decker.
Lucy- The Gladdics
Bottle of Clouds- Steve Bruce Roberts

greenarrowradio promo- GrĂ¡inne Duffy
Rise Above- GrĂ¡inne Duffy
The Real Thang- Tomiko Dixon
Messin’ Round In Da Bayou- Lady J Huston
500 Pounds Good Gizzy- Lady J Huston

I’m The Man Down There- Lil Jimmy Reed w/Ben Levin
Cincinnati’s The Place To Be- Lil Jimmy Reed w/Ben Levin
Dr. Feelgood- Kelli Baker

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