The Bark That Protects

The first portion of the reGularly scheduled program kept the inners safe with less bite and just a little more bark:

Steam Train Salvation- Garland Carr
Songs You’ve Left Unsung- Leftover Salmon
Whatever Happens- Jesper Lindell

Raphaë- Louis Ville
Dandelion Wine- Neal Casal
School Days- Ally Venable
My Ding A Ling- Kid Andersen
Watch It Die- Samantha Fish
Every Kind Of Blues- Niecie
Hold Your Drank- Sugar Queen and the Straight Blues Band (live)
Wicked Cool- Joanne Broh (live)

Real Fat Cat- Donna Hourigan & The Lucky Lips Band
greenarrowradio promo- Breezy Rodio
It Hurts Me Too- Shady Frank
Like BB King- John Verity

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