That Sky Is Why

The second portion of the proGram had the view of above when it was bright:

Them Changes- New Orleans Suspects (live at the Hamilton, 12/31/2017)
Freak Flag- Here Come The Mummies
**pre-recorded conversation with Mummy Cass of Here Come The Mummies**
Chaperone- Here Come The Mummies
Birds- The Shacks
Homer & Debbie- Nolatet
Black Sheep- Nolatet
Black Tiger- The Magnificent Tape Band Ft. Rachel Modest
Grand Street Feast- Gitkin
El Millionairo- Gitkin

Work It Out- Water Seed (live)
This is Reggae Music- Zap Pow
Sweet Lovin’ Love- Zap Pow
San San Rock- Thievery Corporation
Le Force de Melodie- Thievery Corporation Ft. Lou Lou Ghelichkani

Momento de Clareza- Kassin
This is For You- Artson
The Game- Artson
The Drum- Artson
The Crow- Nickodemus Ft. Alsarah

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