Take Me To The This

The first part of this week’s proGram had the sky to its back and went that way:

Beat the Devil- Tinsley Ellis
Done with Bad Luck- Peter Veteska & Blues Train
Young Bold Women- Peter Veteska & Blues Train

Memphis in the Rain- Pierce Dipner
Fool’s Gold- Pierce Dipner
Big Man- Big Llou Johnson
Ridin’ That Memphis High- Val Starr & The Blues Rocket

Walking With Zambi (Try Hoodah)- Col. Bruce Hampton & The Late Bronze Age
Gotta Get Goin’- Goodnight, Texas
Squirrels in My Car- Mohavisoul

Red Sky- Chris Castino & Chicken Wire Empire Ft. Sam Bush
***pre-recorded conversation with Chris Castino***
Jackson County- Chris Castino & Chicken Wire Empire Ft. Jerry Douglas & Adam Greuel
The Ballad Of Dan Toe- Chris Castino & Chicken Wire Empire Ft. Peter Rowan & Jerry Douglas

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