Solo Songs for 6 & 12 string Guitars

Glenn Jones: Against Which the Sea Continually Beats released on the Strange Attractors label is instantly gets across the sounds that are sensitive yet firm, a raw power only found in nature rises off the strings. Beautifully rolling melodies, like a hike through the Maine wilderness, personify the musical trail with the feeling of being there. Since 1989, Glenn Jones has led Boston‘s (go SOX!) “avant-garage” instrumental rock band Cul de Sac, whose musical adventures are documented on nine albums to date. Against Which the Sea Continually Beats, Jones’s second album, is a triumph of acoustic guitar composition, an innovative welding of sound and form. Recorded in Martha’s Vineyard, the peaceful, seafaring setting of this island community inspired these recording sessions, lending an air of tranquility that served as a perfect fit to create such art. The eleven tunes on Against Which the Sea Continually Beats travel from Delta to Appalachia, from classical to a cinematic sort of folk sound in a language that is purely imbued in the artist’s own musical vernacular.


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