Amir ElSaffar: Two Rivers

The world is my musical oyster for sure. And here is a tasty treat out of Iraq. Two Rivers by Amir ElSaffar is in itself a force created by nature. There is moments of recollection of a region rich in fertile history, and times of sadness and mourning over bloodshed and streams of war pouring into the Tigris and Euphrates after Baghdad ransacked in 1258, ending its Golden Age. This album will perhaps allow you to feel the pain and joys within the Iraqi heart. Armed with a mighty trumpet and a maqam voice, Amir ElSaffar captures moments like a camera and brings them to life, adds a story to attach to that life and with his army of musicians on traditional and non-traditional instrumentation, this release travels over borders into the openness and takes separateness and breathes a sense of unity into its lungs. WE could ALL use a little more unity in our lives??!!

Pi Recordings 2007

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