The final portion of this week’s proGram had the smoke to prove it:

Wide Open- Frank Kohl
Balzwaltz (alt take)- Wolfgang Lackerschmid & Chet Baker
The Latin One- Wolfgang Lackerschmid & Chet Baker Ft. Larry Coryell/Buster Williams/Tony Williams

Very Early- Bill Evans Trio (live at Ronnie Scott’s)
Autumn Leaves- Bill Evans Trio (live at Ronnie Scott’s)
Take Five- Dave Brubeck
Watusi Jam- Dave Brubeck

Schneller!- Sarah McKenzie Ft. Kenny Rampton
The Adventures of Snooky and Bumbles- The Pete Ellman Big Band
Goldfish Memories- Archie the Goldfish

In It But Not Of It- Clifton Anderson
Mysticancients- Clifton Anderson

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