Sideways Pod

The first part of this week’s proGram had the castings of the pod pointing in the right direction.

Doardo Valley- Hermanos Gutiérrez
Los Amantes- Hermanos Gutiérrez
Mulholland- King Canyon Ft. Derek Trucks

Mustard Green- Hot Mustard
Joy To The World- Charles Hedgepath Ft. Yonrico Scott/Ike Stubblefield
So It Goes- Rat Child
Two Jobs- Lee Fields
Brother’s Strut- The Winston Brothers

No Pp2 Go- Geiger von Muller

What It Is- Miles Davis [Live in Montreal 7/7/1983]
Square Bimagic- Patricia Brennan
Sizigia (Syzygy)- Patricia Brennan
Ah-Bop- Gene Ess

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