Sharpened The Views

The final portion of this week’s proGram followed the marching where the ended up and it was right there:

Ballad Of The Gobsmacked- Three-Layer Cake
Now the background is the foreground- Carlos NiƱo Ft. Adam Rudolph, Aaron Shaw & Jamael Dean

Barco- Oran Etkin
Retrofit- Vijay Iyer
Children Of Flint- Vijay Iyer

For The Culture- Sons Of Kemet Ft. D Double E
***pre-recorded conversation with Joseph Yoon Of Brooklyn Bugs***
Tempus Fugit- Alex Conde Ft. John Santos, Jeff Chambers & Colin Douglas
Two Bass Hit- Ulysses Owens Jr. Big Band Ft. Diego Rivera, Wyatt Forhan, Walter Cano, Michael Dease & Andrew Gutauskas

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