Shady Dog Finder

The second portion of the proGramming took that dog right into the best and shadiest [arts of town…for this sound of it all:

Jam- Green Leaf Rustlers
Ramblin’ Man- Green Leaf Rustlers

Pete Jive- Circles Around The Sun
Avond- Ben Tyree
Latitudes- Ben Tyree

You Won’t Put Out This Flame- Whitney Shay
Time- Los Yesterdays
Ain’t That A Man For You?- The Devonns
Can’t Help Myself- The James Hunter Six
Ain’t Going Up In Once Of Those Things- The James Hunter Six

Queen- Loren Oden & Adrian Younge
Liberian Calypso- Nina Simone

Wake Up To Craft- The Lounge Bar Orchestra
Chances- Monophonics
Blue Lines- Alex Puddu
You Are My Fire- Alex Puddu Ft. Gene Robinson Jr
East Bay! All the Way!- Tower Of Power
Step Up- Tower Of Power
East Bay! Oaktown All the Way!- Tower OF Power

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