Reflect Out In

The final part of the Sunday fillin’ in proGram saw things differently than they once are.

The Key- Jake Mehew
SHE’S BAD- Theo Croker Ft. Wyclef Jean
DIVINITY- Theo Croker Ft. Jamila Woods

Mess That Up- Bass Extremes Ft. Matt White & Mike Stern
S’Low Down- Bass Extremes
Carlos- Ronnie Foster
Intrigue- Yellowjackets

Temple Steps- Julian Lage Ft. Bill Frisell
***pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Julian Lage***
Let Every Room Sing- Julian Lage Ft. Bill Frisell
Auditorium- Julian Lage Ft. Bill Frisell

Perseus Arm- Free Form Funky Freqs
Vinnie the Crow- Jeff Coffin Ft. Michael League/Nigel Hall/DJ Logic/Richard Aspinwall/Jordan Perlson/Chris Walters
Sportscaster- The Greyboy Allstars
Cassiopeia’s Chair- The Greyboy Allstars

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