Ramblin’ Gift

This pre show show was a surprise to my ears as it fell together very very little remembrance of how/why tracks were chosen for this ear share. It has been some busy weeks and I have been allowing a true ramblin’ man attitude towards set building and I think that is why the extra time has been a gift. Unwrapped it looked like this:

Cajun Moon- Ricky Skaggs
Am I here- Charley Orlando

Workin’ Overtime- Walter Trout/Jeff Healey
Live Together- Bernard Allison
Put your $ where your Mouth is- Luther Allison
See these tears- Canned Heat
Steelin’ Jeff Beck
L.A. Breakdown- Jimmy Page
Stone Free- Billy Cox & Buddy Miles
Nolita Strut- the Dead EXs
VooDoo- Geoff Achison (live solo Acoustic)
Burning Season- TR3 (live)

Moonlight Drive w/Horse Latitude-the Doors (live)
Burn (piano Version- Hess is More
Road to Ruin- Jim Tullio

Maybe Always- Mr Pauer
Love Lust Month- the Real Tuesday Weld

Viajante- Tremor
Pickled Spider- Mr Scruff vs. Kristy Almeida
the Escapist- Janaka Selekta
Tinsel & GliTter- Fujiya & Miyagi

Lantchi Biye- Bebo Band(live)
Rasty George- Tareq Abboushi & Shusmo
Aaj Mere Yaar ki Shaadi- Red Baraat (live)

Monterrey- Steven Kroon
I 10- James Farm

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