Pre-show Bursts

Did a little b4 the show, show. The proGram looked like it was a natural.

Adagio Con Fuoco- Picchio dal Pozzo
Looking Down at the Ground at This and That- Miller Twins
Soft Shoulders- Miller Twins
I Saw Fire In Your Teeth- Miller Twins
37.33 Seconds- Koppel Colley Blade

The Shores of Infinity- Menagerie
Idylla- Léon Phal Ft. K.O.G.
Doomed- Kiefer
Again and Again- Wajatta Ft. March Adstrum

All About- DJ. Taek
Sick The Dogs- Khemist Ft. Bilal
Night Night- Khemist Ft. DJ Jazzy Jeff
Filthy Water- Khemist Ft. Ursula Rucker

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