Potable Pot Able Po Table

Is this the kind you drink?

MacGuffin- Lotus
Don’t You Know- Durand Jones & The Indications
I Feel an Urge Coming On- Nick Waterhouse
Will I Get Off Easy- Lee Fields & The Expressions
You’re What’s Needed In My Life- Lee Fields & The Expressions

Bad Luck- Eric Boss
Gettin’ It- Jake Najor And The Moment Of Truth
Arcane Rambler- The Budos Band

Can’t Hide Love- Victor Wooten
Amidst Chaos- The Sh-Booms
Leon The Hustler- The Sh-Booms

Cozy- gorgeous!
Weirdos- gorgeous!
Detachment- gorgeous!

Thickness- RC & The Gritz Ft. Jonathan Mones
Hot Pearl C- RC & The Gritz Ft. N’Dambi

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