Plant Glows

The final part of this week’s proGram had that certain lit up effect happening to your natural worlds:

The Days in Brazil- YORK Ft. Guida de Palma
Roughneck- Eddie Roberts

Lover- Joon Moon Ft. Liv Warfield
Misery- Joon Moon Ft. Liv Warfield
Bla Bla- Joon Moon Ft. Liv Warfield
Somebody’s Watching Me- Mr. Confuse Ft. John Winston Berta
Sweet Extasy- The Supertights

Upsetter- Danny Mayer
Roast Fish & Cornbread- Lee “Scratch” Perry
Evil Tongues- Lee “Scratch” Perry
Free Up The Weed- Lee “Scratch” Perry

The Spiral- Theon Cross Ft. Afronaut Zu & Ahnansé
Pressed- Atmosphere ft. Anwar HighSign, BlackLiq, Sa-Roc, Haphduzn, & Lateef the Truthspeaker

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