Pigeon Grooves

Final portion of this week’s proGram got those city birds out of their comfort zone and ohhh they got it going:

New Thing- The Allergies
You Don’t Love Me- Jamie and the Numbers
Yeah, You!- The Rare Sounds & Eddie Roberts & Robert Walter Ft. Chris Stillwell & Zak Najor
Shimmy Sham- The White Blinds

A Brighter Day- The New Mastersounds, Lamar Williams Jr. & Adryon De León Ft. Josh Hoyer
Organ Speech- Mister T.
Groove Analyser- Mister T.
Formerly Diffin’s Corners- Davis Hall & The Green Lanterns

How Do I Let a Good Man Down- Robin McKelle
The World Is Cold- Cookin’ on 3 Burners Ft. Mantra & Jane Tyrrell
Ms. Fat Booty- Cookin’ On 3 Burners
Bi-Polar- Garrett Shider

Silver Gloves- Apollo Suns
Pops- Let Your Hair Down
Luigiboard- Let Your Hair Down
Bird of Paradise- The Grease Traps
The Things You Do- The Honeyshotz

Hallelujah- Todd Clouser A Love Electric

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