The second portion of the proGram had all the healing qualities of delicious:

Make A Better World- Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt
Whiskey In the Jar (Club Front Rehearsal, February 16, 1993)- Grateful Dead
You Don’t Have to Ask (7/16/66)- Grateful Dead
Hey Pocky Way (3/31/89)- Grateful Dead
What’s He Building?- Tom Waits
Last Time- Black Dub
Sing- Black Dub
Seven Years In Tibet- David Bowie
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps- Cake
Save Your Son- The Juggs
Sissyfuss- Surprise Me Mr. Davis
Gimme That Shot- The Charms
Losing My Addiction- The Charms
Dumb Love- Stone Temple Pilots
Love Handle- Jon Spencer
Overload- Jon Spencer

Walking Alone- Murphy’s Law
Sugar Free Jazz- Soul Coughing
Saturday Night Church- Tuatara
Goodnight la Habana- Tuatara

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