Phairly Phunky Phella

This second show within the proGram has all the intentions of funking you up, while ending with some easy guitar treats that pick up the pace and scoff at the relaxed with a wild combo and a (live) Zappa track -> Dr. Didg ending that had to have some heads spinning. After the spinning ended this is what was left:

It’s a Double Mazinka!- 11 Acorn Lane
Valhalla- Mad Juana
A Luta Continua- MarchFourth Marching Band
Freddy the Freeloader- Liquid Soul
Steady Freddy- Mike Clark & Paul Jackson
You don’t Know Nothing-the Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Everything will be Fine- JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound
Manic- Doug Johns
Thermal Bad- the New Mastersounds (live)
Ringasd el Magnad No. 2- Anna Adamis & Gabor Presser
Szevasz Haver- Skoprio
Junkyard- Medeski Martin Wood
You Want it All- Phat Phunktion
Moog Marmalade- Galactic (live)
Ornette Medley- TriBeCaStan
Smoketree Serenade- Ben Vaughn
Caravan- Duane Andrews
Lost Book- Viktor Krauss
I Like Birds- Eels
Man’s Best Friend- Chris McDermott’s Wild Combo
After Dinner Smoker- Frank Zappa (live)
Retro Rocket- Dr. Didg

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