The middle portion of the proGram followed the glow to the sounds:

It’s Alright- GA-20 (live)
All Good Things- Jane Lee Hooker
Good Lookin’- Danko Jones

Spoonful- Jeffrey Alexander and the Heavy Lidders
Hermits Of The Ridge- Jeffrey Alexander and the Heavy Lidders
They Are Beautiful, They Will Never Die- C.Joynes
Tigers & Lions- C.Joynes

Floating Against the Night Sky- Los Days Ft. Tommy Guerrero & Josh Lippi
Progress- IDLES

Milk Symposium- White Manna
Society of Spectacle- Muun Bato
Secolo Breve ‚óŹ the Short Century- Accordo dei Contrari
Thoughtography // Toughtography- Ghost Rhythms

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