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I want to thank good friend to the proGram, Taj Weekes for being a guest supreme once aGain…We spoke of the new live album: “Pariah in Transit” (of which the cover art is a selection taken by Madison Photog, Michael Sullivan), we spoke of what it takes to kep the spirit alive and of the projects his TOCO organization has been working on…most recently track shoes to the children of St. Lucia for their track and field efforts, rather than socks made to look like shoes. His efforts on the island to help keep the children/people educated and healthy includes diabetes awareness and hula hoops. It is always an honor to be a part of what Taj is movinG on…..there’s more to come from he and G…..Here’s the grassy side of the music:

Downtown Plastique- Orgone
Levine & Direct- Orgone

What is and What Should Never be- the Resistance Organ Trio
The Big Smackdown- Garaj Mahal
Be Dope- Garaj Mahal
It’s A Family Affair- Global Noize
For Today- Taj Weekes & Adowa (live)
Since Cain- Taj Weekes & Adowa (live)
Clean the House- Fat Freddy’s Drop

I’ve got my Mojo Working- Cas Haley
So Long- Snoop Lion Ft. Angela Hunte
Smoke the Weed- Snoop Lion Ft. Collie Budz

Realization- Dubconscious (live)
All I Really Want to do- the Krayolas
Pussycat- Lord Mouse & the Kalypso Katz

***Live on air Conversation with Taj Weekes***
Overtime- Youngblood Brass Band
Frank Mills Jr.- the Josh Roseman Unit
Turboeletoo- Ben Neill


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