Ohhh Shoots

The first part of this week’s Hump Day mixed bag sorta thang shot up like like a rocket-ship on a secret mission…overnight it was just there:

Fade Away- Smoove &Turrell
King Of The Hill- Thundercat
Snowmobile- Aesop Rock
Frozen Caveman- Aesop Rock
Rat Skull- Aesop Rock

Labyrinth- Emancipator
Psych- Project X
Whirling Sand- Karavan Sarai

***The Hump Day Whack A Bush Session With Mustapha***
Put Your Hand on That Television- Alek Lee
It’s a Dub- Manuel Darquart
Night Rider- Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes Ft. Freddie Gibbs

At Any Time- Kingston Express- Ft. Lutan Fyah
Block Them- Kingston Express Ft. Macka B
Fire Red Hot- Kingston Express Ft. Longfingah
Amenawon- Antibalas

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