Oh Yeah, Yo La Tengo

I have been listening to the ample selections that Yo La Tengo has put out over the years for quite some time now, sharing much on the radio show but this was my first chance to catch the trio from Hoboken. The crowd at the Barrymore was strong in numbers and there was a surplus of cool in the room as the band mixed their sometimes softer calming side (often accompanied with acoustic music) with a moment or two of punked out quickies and my favorite of their work are those psychedelic rock jams that get filled with space and last over seven minutes. So many tunes carry a heavy bass that a heartbeat and pulse formed from the stage……The trio often shows its flexibility as drummer Georgia sings and strums as well as kicking it behind the kit. Ira Kaplan keeps the vibe alive on keys and really sets you back some with his guitar jams and sound exploration while James McNew really was spot on with his bassin’. All three members carry steady harmonies and together, I would surely agree that They’ve got it. They ended the evening with two encores. The first a fine rendtion of a Fairport Convention tune and the final song was a beautifully haunting Velvet Underground sound. After the show had a quick chance to chat with Ira about, well…what else, you guessed it…baseball. So, when the time presents itself again, I will go…Yo La Tengo.


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