Mixin’ In

The second piece to the early morning fill-in took that power and added it to other feel good elements to explore new tastes with all sense buds working:

Changed In Mid Air- Elsa Nilsson
Hindsight- Elsa Nilsson

Waiting In Vain- Thor De Force Ft. Thor Madsen, Jeppe Skovbakke & Jeppe Gram
vt-vt- n’sawa-saraca
dualbutterfly- n’sawa-saraca
El Fuego- Cienfuegos
La Bata- Filip y Woppe
El Siete Vidas- Filip y Woppe

N2 Deep (For Randy Weston, Jerry Gonzalez & Cecil Taylor)- Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
Jamu Kikao- Dave Sharp Worlds With Ndio Sasa
Manyo Pesa Tek- Dave Sharp Worlds With Ndio Sasa

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