Lunar Orbit: KD3

The Karl Denson Trio’s newest album, Lunar Orbit is the vessel to take space and make it into your backyard. I have been swimming in this album up to my ears and keep finding new worm-holes to depart into. As the title track blasts off, you can buckle up or feel free to roam around the cabin area inside your mind, weightlessness is around you and time seems to be irrelevant once again, like when you were a child. The grooves are very rich with a star-like brightness that easily excite your senses like the first time you saw pictures of earth from the moon. Now that’s some deep grooves. Take a breath. There is an innovator’s spirit that flows from this album, like someone has witnesses the future and is setting it into sound. With Jake Najor on Drums, Anthony Smith on keys, Karl Denson’s sax/flutes explode in evolutionary exploration and is willing to take you as a passenger. Join me on a ride? Karl Denson’s career has taken many forms. From saxophone player for Lenny Kravitz to front man of The Greyboy All-Stars and his own Tiny Universe, Karl has constantly found ways to simultaneously expand his listeners’ minds while making them move their feet. His undeniable grooves and colossal saxophone solos have taken a new form in The Karl Denson Trio.


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