Charlie Hunter Trio’s Mistico

There is a slick feel to this latest release from Charlie Hunter’s Trio, like walking on a sidewalk that was shoveled too soon and a think layer of ice is still underneath. There you are mis-stepping and it feels so right. Allowing an unseen force to lead you on your way and doing so with a smile wrapped around your head. I haven’t yet discovered the land of Mistico, but I am certainly enjoying the surrounding sounds while trying to locate it. Then there are times like in track #2, “Speakers Bulit in”, where the moment of impact is eventual. As you spiral downwards you find yourself standing upright and all signs point up. Along with Charlie Hunter on 7 string guitar, Simon Lott handles the drumming duties and Erik Deutsch fingers the keys of the piano, Fender Rhodes and CasioTone. Together, this search party leads you and your ears towards unchartered sound spots, but please keep your minds open at all times, as this album features 10 tracks that will certainly challenge your memories to compare. Often times during the album as it plays the slippery sidewalk seems to lead to the ends of some world…..I’m sure this is to be continued.

CH3 Mistico Concord Music Group

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