Light Secrets

The middle portion of the proGram found ways to bend the curves of the straight and narrow:

Truth or Consequences- Soledad Brothers
Alive- Dope Sagittarius
Don’t Worry Bout Me- WELLSPRINGS LTD

Mosquito Eater- Mosquito Hawks
Mosquito Eater Pt2- Mosquito Hawks
Lavender- True Loves
Kabuki- True Loves
Give It Up (Don’t Take Part In the Madness)- The Haggis Horns (Abstract Orchestra Remix)

Hot Honey- Robert Walter, Eddie Roberts, Adam Deitch (W.R.D.)
Bobby’s Boogaloo- Robert Walter, Eddie Roberts, Adam Deitch (W.R.D.)
Orlo- Timo Lassy
Let Go- Evolfo

We Ain’t Gonna- Bright Dog Red (live)

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