Just Hafta Look In

The first part of this week’s proGram was inside that little spot you walked right past:

One’s On The Way- Loretta Lynn Ft. Margo Price
Hot Lovin’ Momma- Joe Lewis Band
Where’s The Girl- Hypnosonics
Wait- The Letrasets

Burn The Whole Thing Down- Magnet Animals
Forecast In Rome- Magnet Animals
The Kids Are Gonna Win- Magnet Animals
Through An Open Window- Thumbscrew
Fractured Sanity- Thumbscrew

I Don’t Mind- Heather The Jerk
**pre-recorded conversation with Heather The Jerk**
Zone Out- Heather The Jerk
Gone Thinking- Heather The Jerk

Gimme A Buzz- T Benny and the Buzz Bros.
Get It In The End- Benny Trokan

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