Juicy Through

The first part of this week’s proGram squirted every single time we took a bite into it:

Creole Girl- Vincent Cross
Halfway ‘Til Gone- Jerry Leger & Don Stevenson

Living Too Long- Zephaniah OHora
**pre-recorded conversation with Zephaniah OHora**
Listening To The Music- Zephaniah OHora
Riding That Train- Zephaniah OHora

Hot Coffee And Pain- Crooked Eye Tommy
I Got Everything I Need (almost)- Downchild Ft. Dan Aykroyd/Paul Shaffer/Kenny Neal (live)

Miss Pitiful- Kaz Hawkins
Wicked Tongue- Kat Riggins
Meet Your Maker- Kat Riggins
Mr. Popular- Heather Anne Lomax
All This Time- Heather Anne Lomax

SOHO Girl- Savoy Brown
Jesus Just Left Chicago- Scott Weis Band
Delmar- Dave Fields
Jack Ham Her- Dave Fields

WTFF- Living Colour

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