Jarz of Soundz

Did a pre-show fill in and put this into the ground and buried it back up nice and neat:

Hood- Vijay Iyer Trio
Break Stuff- Vijay Iyer Trio
Mr. Azul (for Samuel Torres- Ryan Keberle & Catharsis

Omega- Brooklyn Blowhards
Haul Away Joe- Brooklyn Blowhards
Barn Fire Slum Brew- Thumbscrew
Sampsonian Rhythms- Thumbscrew

Mr. Giggles- WorldService Project
G Spot Tornado- Valérie Milot
Don’t Stop the Carnival- Sonny Rollins (live)
Bye Bye Blackbird- Frank Catalano w/ Jimmy Chamberlin
Astronete- Beninghove’s Hangmen
Elephant Stampede- Beninghove’s Hangmen

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