It’s Log

The beGinning portion of this week’s show started the rolling of steady and able:

B-Flat Earth- Swamp Tooth
Gold- Red Clay Revival & Doug McElvy
First Bird To Sing- Bruce T Carroll
Today And Every Day- Dar Williams

Ugly- Bren Holmes
Bummed- Andrew Gabbard
Keep A Little Light On- B. Hamilton

Who Do You Love- Tom Rush (live)
***pre-recorded Conversation with Mr. Tom Rush***
Wasn’t That A Mighty Storm- Tom Rush (live)
Drop Down Mama- Tom Rush (live)
It’s Complicated- Thunderpaw
Always Free- Jackie Venson
Put A Lid On It- Diane Durrett & Soul Suga
Rise Together- Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps Ft. Snuffy Walde

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