It’s in the words–Desdamona

While she surrounds her lyrics most of the time with hip beats and soul enriched moments in the musical now, somehow I still get focused back on the words. Up to the top in rhyme and meaning, however you are looking at it, Desdamona has put herself on the map with her new release The Source. While there are so many exciting features about this album, Desdamona’s ability to tell a true story as seen through her eyes and relate it as an easily formed connection in open minded people, is a blessing. In this live conversation recorded on 07/14/07, we discuss the creation of this innovative album, her upcoming tour with collaborators, Sly & Robbie and we even discuss the possibilities of me doing a video as Elaine from Seinfeld dancing to the tune Infinity which features Ill Chemistry… kidding……

Check out our conversation HERE.


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