Iris We Were

Did a final open schedule fill-in proGram during the Spring session, and the vibes wet the place up:

Chase The Devil- Lee SCRATCH Perry
Love And Mercy- Reggae Angels w/Sly & Robbie
Positive Way- Reggae Angels w/Sly & Robbie

Quiere La Rumba- Okuté
El Bouhala- Innov Gnawa
Hunters and Farmers Need the Blacksmith- Kasai Allstars
Baba Bende- Kasai Allstars
Musungu Elongo Paints His Face White to Scare Small Children- Kasai Allstars

Fatalist Tango- Moka Efti Orchestra
Hollaender Mash Up- Moka Efti Orchestra
Tschuldigensemal- Moka Efti Orchestra Ft. Mario Kamien

Nataraja (Kizu KimRemix)- David Starfire Ft. Shril

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