In the Water with no Paddle

I want to thank the staff at WSUM, the WHLA pioneers and Laura our tech for allowing me the opportunity to broadcast during the retro throwback weekend. I feel privileGed to been given the opportunity to be a part of what they WHLAers were/are doing and I understand, without people like them in radio, I most likely wouldn’t have the chance to select my own path of a musical journey to share….For the first half of today’s show, hop in the boat and let the tide the tunes create take you to where:

Highway 1- Bill Frisell
Play with Fire- Crystal Jacqueline
Minstrels in the Hall- Blackmore’s Night
Temple of the King- Blackmore’s Night

La Bruja en la Esquina- Mad Juana
You Know What to do- the Shivas
Agent of Corruption- Casey Burge
the Hippie Girl- Mike Coykendall Ft. Zooey Deschanel/Eric Earley/Ben Gibbard

Put your Big Toe in the Milk of Human Kindness- Elvis Costello/Marc Ribot/Rob Wasserman
Jokester- Leftover Salmon (live)
If you Think I don’t Need you- Elvis Presley
Doin’ it- Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks
Shadow of Wood- King Johnson
Light up or Leave me Alone- Freddy Jones Band
Weed (to the rescue)- Vic Chesnutt
Tangerine- Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Bad Bad Feeling- Trampled Under Foot
John the Baptist- Randall Bramblett
Rhythm Inner Groove- Buddy Guy
Messin’ with the Kid- Buddy Guy
I got Your Back- Tommy Z

Love Rollercoaster- Robert Randolph & the Family Band
Love & Happiness- Marc Broussard
Austin Blues- Booker T. Jones Ft. Gary Clark Jr.


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