I Feel Reds Bursts

The final part of this week’s proGram knew it would open all sorts of minds.

Stanishlaw- Harry Stafford & Marco Butcher
Faces in your World- Harry Stafford & Marco Butcher
Unreal Thing- Harry Stafford & Marco Butcher

Baby Ghost (from the 1900s)- mssv
**pre-recorded conversation with Mike Baggetta of mssv**
Pity Parody- mssv
French Road Drifters- mssv

Over and Out- Rascal Reporters
I Cries Crimes- Rascal Reporters
Fat Delivered- Rascal Reporters
Chrysanthemums- A Light Sleeper
Trees And Flora- A Light Sleeper

De La Soul- Gareth Donkin
All I- Danger Mouse & Jemini The Gifted One
The Scoop- The Oscillators

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