History on the Square

With all the action going on at our capitol with the governor trying to be bold….I was keeping the flow focused on open minded peaceful protesting and putting down some tunes that would keep the walkers walking. There are sometimes when you feel history being made around you, these have been some of those days. Here’s where the flow took my march:

Girl on the Billboard- Eddie Spaghetti
Darkness Darkness- Robert Plant
(hey Uncle Sam) leave us pot smokers alone-the Toyes
Can’t be mad for Nothing- Banjo or Freakout
Dying Bed- Charming Hostess
Stropy- Už Jsme Doma
Your Cat- Steve Tibbetts
Final Sun- Beaten by Them

Dark Matter- Bruce Arnold
Too High for the Supermarket- the Uninvited
Makumba- Hi Fi
Tar Hani- Bombino
At Vaani- Yemen Blues
Ecos de Radio Iguana- Sarazino

Move!- Damian Marley w/Stephen Marley
Forwarding Home- Dub is a Weapon
The Harder they Come- Josh Charles
a Love Jam- Melvin Sparks
Walking-the Pimps of Joytime (ft. Roy Ayers)
Boo Lynn Waltz- Mamarazzi
Hawt Sauce- Frootful
Speed Trap- Speedometer
the Source- Empresario
Svolta Sul Caso D’amario- Calibro 35

Hey Mama- the Bridge
King of the 2nd Line- Dr. Michael White (live)
Some Iko- Henry Butler (live)
Go to the Mardi Gras- Cowboy Mouth
Carnival Time- Cowboy Mouth

Til your fool Comes Home- James Hunter
Where do I begin- Bill Easley
State of Mind-Marcus Miller w/L’Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte Carlo ft Raul Midon/Roy Hargrove (live)

Fortune teller- Xavier Rudd
Edna’s Biscuits- Skeebo Knight
Kubrick- John Scofield
Vida de Estrela- Pierre Aderne
Railroad- Monla
African mailman- Rhythmagic Orchestra

The Bass- Quad City DJs
Crowd Control- MC Zulu
Anti Pop Song- Ancient Astronauts

Ever More Better- Tough Junkie

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