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In the second part of the program, I was able to turn the grOOve up some and hEAR it from the artists themselves as we found out the who/whats that are going on at the Hoopee Jam with Music Matters Entertainment’s Terry Reeves. Jared Tanner, one of the cast members of the Broadway touring group, the LION KING, called in and we chatted about a side project happening called “Lion in the Library” and a group dubbed Quanda, helping to raise $$ for kids in South Africa to get backpacks and books to them. Rocker/songwriter Geri X called in to the show to share a tale about desert misery, talk briefly about herself and her new album “The Bedroom Sessions” and of course a large part of her bloodline, Steel Bridge Songfest was discussed heavily during the second portion of a five hour event on the waves of WSUM. Here’s what took place:

Yes we Can can- Davis Coen
Time to Blow- Crown Prince Waterford
Run Myself out of Town- the Holmes Brothers
I Just Keep Loving Her-Kenny Neal & Billy Branch
Dancing without Sound- NO Blues
**On air chat w/Miss Terry Reeves of Hoopee Jam**
Mr New Orleans- Jeremy Davenport w/Kermit Ruffins
Dubinland Carnival- John Ellis & Double Wide
Gold Lions- Fight the Bull w/Steve Bernstein

But you Can’t Run- Youngblood Brass Band
Is that a Riot?- Youngblood Brass Band
On your Way Down- Trombone Shorty w/Allen Toussaint
He’s got the Whole World in his Hands- George Porter Jr.
Space Station- John Patton
Dancing for the Queen of Bohemia-Eldad Tarmu Chamber Jazz Ensemble
House Party- the Funkmasters
Fur Turban- Michale Bellar As Is Ensemble
Element of Hope- Carmen Rizzo
Basa Bhagwaan- Sunny Jain

Rising- Somi
**On air chat w/Jared Tanner for “Lion in the Library“**
Externity(reprise)- EOTO
Party on the Bridge- James Hall & the Steel Bridge Gang
**On Air conversation with Geri X**
Above the Bed- Geri X
Monument- Geri X & Robby Schiller
Year of Explorers- the Magnificents
I’m no Good at all- Surprise me Mr Davis

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