Heads Above

The final part of this week’s proGram had it all up there.

Let Them Say- Bitty McLean
Keleya- Orchestra Gold

greenarrowradio promo- John Nemeth
Halloween House- Montao

Acid Blues Bop- Miguel Kertsman & Ernie Adams
Commune- SeaJun Kwon & his Walking Cliché Sextet
Avalanche- Immanuel Wilkins
Song of Soil- Masahiko Togashi w/Don Cherry & Charlie Haden
Wings- Theon Cross
Time Coil- Takuya Kuroda

Your Body- Timo Vollbrecht Fly Magic
**pre-recorded conversation with Timo Vollbrecht**
Art is Live — III. Agency- Timo Vollbrecht Fly Magic
Art is Live — I. Solidarity- Timo Vollbrecht Fly Magic

(Why You So) Green With Envy- Oscar Jerome & Oscar #Worldpeace

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