Hard Skin

The first part of this week’s proGram had one shell of a time:

The Thing About Grief- Radnor & Lee
Flannery’s Dream- Boregard
Formaldehyde- Boregard

D.A.E.L.- Jack Ellister
Bergwanderung- Jack Ellister
Hostage- The 81’s

Hard Lovin’- Dexateens (Live from Athens, GA.)
Enough Of Nothing- Dexateens (Live From Athens, GA.)
Page Before- Venus Furs
Ain’t Nothin’ Here To Change My Mind- Greg Stackhouse Prevost
Edith Groove- Dick Taylor & The Red Squirls

Boon Tune- The Purple Gang
Starstreamer- Mark McDowell and Friends (live)
Granchester Meadows- Crystal Jacqueline Acoustic Band

Mountain Moves- Deerhoof (live)
Polly Bee- Deerhoof (live)
Welcome To Bobby’s Motel- Pottery
What Is Fashion?- Pottery
Under The Wires- Pottery

America- G.E. Smith & LeRoy Bell
How Long?- Fantastic Negrito
I’m So Happy I Cry- Fantastic Negrito Ft. Tarriona Tank

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